Charitable Activities - Sakha Ashram, Noida

Noida Ashram has been engaged in various charitable activities and relief work over the last few years. Offering educational support and medical care without any cost, the ashram runs a Free Coaching Centre and a Free Dispensary in its premises for the last few years. Hundreds of patients and young students from the nearby slum areas and Khoda village utilise the services of these charitable centres being run with the aid of volunteers - qualified and experienced doctors and teachers.

Free Coaching Classes

Attracted by free charitable dispensary services, few residents from nearby village, Khoda, who frequently visited the ashram revealed the need for supporting the education of their school going children. This idea inspired a group of volunteers largely comprising of regular devotees and led by Sri K N Bakshi to convert a make-shift quarter initially built to oversee the ashram’s construction works into a teaching complex. The target beneficiary group identified was students from poor socioeconomic background attending grades 9 to 12 in various public schools. The required resources including a set of 12 desktops for hands-on practical learning were acquired gradually to cover subjects ranging from Maths, English, Science to Social studies.

The classes are held on weekdays between 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm after the children’s schools close. Twenty to twenty three students, both boys and girls, look forward to gather daily for classes including the specially designed Sunday Satsangas. Students have expressed a boost in confidence especially from attending the spoken English classes modelled on the Mahindra foundation’s course. Computer classes providing basic course prepare all children for present day job requirements. Further, a recent tie-up with an institution providing advanced course (NIIT certified, six months) linked with our financial support package has brought vocational training closer for interested and well-performing students. So far, nearly 50 benefiting children over three and half years have achieved outstanding results- a source of deep satisfaction for the teachers and parents alike.

Free Dispensary

Attracted by free charitable dispensary services,

Paramahansa Yogananda Swarna Bal Vatika