Inauguration of YSS Dhyan Mandali in New Delhi's Tagore Garden area by Swami Lalitanandaji (October 2017)

A beautifully-designed altar and a serene temple with an artistic entrance mark the recently inaugurated YSS Dhyana Mandali in Delhi’s Tagore Garden area.

With the ritual of breaking the coconut, Swami Lalitanandaji inaugurated the Dhyana Mandali on October 22, 2017. Shifting its location from Delhi’s Maya Puri to Tagore Garden, this Mandali has been started by ardent devotees Alok and Sunaina Misra who wish to felicitate fellow devotees residing in west Delhi for meditation in the evenings.


Swami Lalitanandaji conducted a satsanga attended by many devotees where he reflected on the blessing of having found a Sadguru in our lifetime.

Swamiji stressed on the fact that the relationship between the Guru and Disciple is unique and universal, going beyond all worldly relationships that we see around. “The Guru always promises the disciple to stay with him all life and beyond.” Our Premavatar Gurudev has showcased this relationship through his episode with Kashi, Swamiji said, adding that he yearned for him the way he had yearned for his beloved mother, finding solace only upon finding him in his next birth eventually. 

It shows how much Guruji loves us – way beyond our comprehension, explained Swami Lalitanandaji, and he went on to share more stories.

Guruji stated once that one of his devotees was so dedicated that she had attached herself to him in the astral world and he was pulled by her devotion that he was by her side during her last day. Such is the bond of the Guru-Disciple relationship. 

Guruji had always said that he is waiting for us to reach to that level of consciousness where he can pull us and present it to our eternal father as a beautiful bouquet of souls only desirous of father’s love. 

We are the beads of the string which our beloved Guruji is preparing to present it to our universal creator. All our Guruji needs is total loyalty, by which he can elevate us to the path of our soul ascension. This ultimate Loyalty will lead to ultimate salvation. 

Swamiji elaborated by quoting the Shankaracharya: ‘Its extremely fortunate for a person to have a human body, the desire for the divine and a Sadguru.’ How very well portrayed by the great guru and how fortunate we are to have all the three!

Swamiji emphasized the importance of these Mandalis, as they help in the expansion of our consciousness. He added, it generally happens that whenever we move into the zone of high spiritual vibration we are overwhelmed by the touch of it and we forget our puny self desires and we only bathe in the love of the creator. He elaborated it by the story of Swami Vivekananda. 

Swami Vivekananda went to his Guru Ramkrishna Paramhansacompletely distort, when he lost his father and his family ran into debts. Thakur Sri Ramakrishna advised him to meet the divine Mother and ask her for whatever he wanted. As would the loyal devotee would do he went ahead and prayed the Mother. The divine mother appeared and he was so awestruck by her magnificent presence that he couldn’t utter anything about his material requirements, rather he only asked for wisdom and knowledge and love for the divine. Later he related the same to Thakur.  

Sri Ramakrishna advised him to go again, he did the same but couldn’t muster the strength to ask for anything for himself even though he went repeatedly.

These real life anecdotes performed by the Avatars illustrate the magnanimity of the divine. The beautiful evening satsanga came to an end by the closing prayers, later prasad was distributed by Swamiji himself and the volunteer devotees.  

Incidentally, the Dhyana Mandali is set up in the building called “Guru kripa.” How beautifully Guruji spreads his message in the most subtle manner. It would be “Guru Kripa” for all the devotees who reside nearby as they could avail of this blessed opportunity to attend the services held in this Mandali from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. every Sunday. Around fifty-two devotees had been present at this satsanga to carry back a bit of the profoundness of the almighty.